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My Chinese Adventure

April 19th, 2012. Published under fave books, good buys. 5 Comments.


O wow! Two weeks ago, this book held me prisoner from 8 PM – 6 AM. I decided to read a few pages while I was sipping my after-dinner coffee. When I had drained my cup, I wanted to go to bed. I had obligations the following day, but something just kept me glued to that dining room chair. I sat with my back straight, feverishly devouring text, attentive like a schoolgirl in Prof. Melanie Padilla’s History 2 class. I’ve always been fascinated with Chinese History. Always been a fan of  Zhang Yimou’s “The Curse of the Golden Flower”. What I felt when I watched this movie was exactly the same feeling I had when I was reading Shan Sa’s “Empress”. This book was about Emperor Wu, the only woman in Chinese history to be given the title of emperor.  It’s not so much the writing style that gripped me, but the richness of historical and visual information.

After having adequately rested from that all-night reading marathon, I had this urge to visit a Chinese grocery called the 99 Ranch Market. They always have the most interesting things there. In no other place could you find 13 varities of mushrooms.  Here,  I learned what  a squab is. It is pigeon meat and it’s 5X more expensive than chicken. If you find yourself craving for fresh jackfruit, they usually have it. I found a couple of things there that were featured on the “Bizaare Foods” TV show:dark silky chicken meat and a shellfish with a large phallic-looking extension.

I got this box of durian cookies. It was okey. It had just a hint of the smell that freaks Andrew Zimmern out.

This is the only place where I can find fresh bamboo shoots. I never liked those that come frozen or in cans.I’m going to shred this and cook it with coconut milk, corn, saluyot, and some dried fish.

The pineapple/onion combo intrigues me. I was at a Thai restaurant last month. They served fresh fruit with a bowl of sauce on the side. It was honey mixed with crispy fried onions. Surprisingly, it made the pineapple’s tartness a little bit more bearable.

Ooops! This is not Chinese stuff, but the store sells items from different asian countries. This one’s made in Japan. I got it for a friend’s daughter who’s crazy about anime and everything Japanese. For the first time in years I saw this girl smile on her mom’s facebook photo. All it took was this tiny box of treats labeled “Made in Japan”.


Rikki  on April 20th, 2012

I think you’re talking about the geoduck shellfish. USO sa tv shows gid man

Rikki  on April 20th, 2012

I think you mean the geoduck shellfish. Uso man gid sa tv shows.

Chiqui  on April 21st, 2012

thanks, i will make a link on my entry.

Joselito Coo  on April 24th, 2012

Hmm…yumyum… of course, I’m interested in everything Chinese… food, in particular.

Chiqui  on April 26th, 2012

hi, doc. do you shop at the 99 ranch market? it’s a fun place to find interesting stuff.

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